Dropship FAQs

How can we assist you?

To better assist you, we’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. If you're ready to become a re-seller, create a new re-seller account now.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which a retailer (you) does not keep fragrances in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to a drop ship supplier (Elaine's Fragrances) who then picks, pulls, packs and ships the order directly to your customer. The majority of retailers make their profits on the difference between our low website price plus shipping and the retail price plus shipping they charge their customers.
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What are your drop shipping program signup requirements?

Signup requirements. Please note that we are not a manufacturer or wholesaler of any of the products we carry.
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What are your drop shipping program options?

Learn more. 
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How do I create a new drop ship account?

Click on the link that says Create Account. Enter the required information and watch your email for an account verification and activation email. Passwords must be a minimum of 6 characters long. Only characters from A-Z, and 0-9 are allowed. To change your login password click "Forgot your password?" at login. You will receive an email with a link to reset your password. Upon registration, you are not requested to provide us with your business address and phone number. Please add this information to your account as soon as verification and activation are complete. It should be present at the time you place your initial order.

How do I add account information?

Click on the link that says "Sign In". Enter your login credentials and you'll see a summary of account related information. The account summary contains your customer shipping addresses, your company's billing address and order history, if any.

Please ensure that you set your company's billing address to the default address and enter your contact information in the spaces provided.

We require that you provide us with your business address and phone number to contact you in case there is a problem with a recently placed order. Additionally the default address automatically populates billing information saving checkout time.

How do I update account Information?

To update your account information click on the menu link that says Sign in. Enter your credentials and you'll see a summary of account related information.

How do I place a drop ship order?

See Ordering Information. Retailers get our very best pricing. Coupons, loyalty points and free shipping do not apply!

Why should I select Elaine's Fragrances as my supplier?

Our mission is to empower retailers to grow small businesses. Our primary focus adds value to the experience of your hard-earned customer and builds trust in our ongoing partnership. We strive to meet this goal by simplifying and streamlining product discovery and order fulfillment. We actively search for in-demand products to add to our catalog each month.
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What are the advantages of your drop shipping program?

Access to 1,000+ products available for drop shipping.

Payment of no per-SKU handling or drop ship order fees.

Order as many or as few products as you need.

Order same-day fulfillment with restrictions.

Order fulfillment to the U.S.

Market products anywhere you choose.

Flexible return policy.

Comprehensive account dashboard.

New, fresh, 100% authentic, completely full and factory-sealed products.
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Do you provide a discount code or coupon I can use on your site?

See Dropship Program Coupons page for more information.

How much of your business is single item drop-ship sales?

90% of our sales are to retail drop-ship businesses.

Do you drop-ship in bulk?

Buying in bulk always saves you money. See Volume Sales.
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Do you charge a drop ship or handling fee?

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Do you charge monthly or ongoing fees to have a drop ship account?

Absolutely not. We do not believe in charging any fees for reselling our products.
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Do you provide automated product sourcing or integration?

Learn more about our drop ship options.
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Where can I learn more about your drop ship program?

Learn more about our free drop ship program. 
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What markup percentage do you recommend?

Depending on your target market, we recommend that you markup our products between 15-40%.

Is drop shipping secure at Elaine's Fragrances?

You can drop ship at www.elainesfragrances.net with confidence. We have partnered with Shopify Payments, a leading online payment gateway, to accept credit card payments safely and securely for our customers. The payment gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the electronic check and credit card processing networks. The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.
Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.
Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

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Do you drop ship internationally?

Yes. Refer to our Shipping Policies for more information.

Are you a real wholesale distributor?

Elaine's Fragrances is a retail distributor of genuine brand name perfumes and colognes. We are neither manufacturer or wholesaler of the products we carry. 

Do you require me to have a tax permit or EIN? If so, how do I obtain one?

Signup requirements.

Do you sell to the general public? 

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What payment methods do you accept?

See Payment Information.
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How much is shipping and handling?

See Shipping Information.
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How are returns handled?

See Return Information.
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How do I contact you?

See Contact Information.
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What is your drop ship product guarantee?

All of the products showcased throughout www.elainesfragrances.net are 100% original brand names. We only carry genuine brand name perfumes, colognes and fragrance products. Imitations and knock-offs are not sold.

www.elainesfragrances.net was created in 2004 to provide retailers access to the largest selection of genuine designer fragrance products. www.elainesfragrances.net strives for excellence in selection, pricing and superior customer service.
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How are drop ship orders delivered to my customers?

Your customer orders arrive in a double corrugated outer shipping container with a delivery label affixed. The label's return address displays your business name and an address to be used for authorized returns.

Inside each product is protectively packaged in layers of bubble wrap within manufacturer factory-sealed packaging.

Your business name is printed, in bold letters, on the packing slip. It will be the first thing your customer notices. Beneath your business name is an address to be used for authorized returns. Your customer's address is printed in bold type. The packing slip details the order content. Prices are not displayed. Each line item displays the number of items ordered, number of items shipped, item number (SKU from the website) and the item description. 

The bottom of the packing slip contains an order processed time and date stamp message. There is text thanking your customer for their order in large bold type and reads "Thank you for shopping with your business name. We value your business and hope you are pleased with your purchase".

Product Identifiers

The UPC code appears on the bottom of the packaging. It embeds a large quantity of information about the particular bottle of fragrance, including but not limited to its price, time and place of production, production line, ingredients used, distributor and intended customer. Each Elaine's Fragrances product is factory-sealed, just as you would purchase in any major department store, with the proper identifier(s) affixed.

Take the UPC code from any product and enter it into a lookup service such as http://www.upcitemdb.com. You should receive an image of the product, brand, model number, size and color. You may also receive the Amazon ASIN number for listing on the marketplace.

Marketing materials are never hidden inside your customer orders.
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Can you help me design my eCommerce website?

We are unable to assist building your web presence at this time.
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How will you add value to my business?

Whether it's the family looking to make ends meet, the retiree hoping to cushion their nest egg, or the careerist launching a full-time business we strive to be an effective and efficient component in your retailing supply chain strategy. Our primary focus adds value to the experience of your hard-earned customer and builds trust in our ongoing business partnership. Through our online Retailer Notification System order receipt, availability, shipping and delivery confirmations are sent in real-time allowing you to transfer this knowledge to your customer. Moreover,  logistics and delivery costs are not baked into the item price!
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What is the profit potential?

With Elaine's Fragrances, you have access to thousands of products with a potential markup of three times your rock-bottom website price. You simply choose which products you want to sell, then use any combination of our 6 marketing suggestions to get new customers, collect their orders, and pocket the profits. Elaine's Fragrances shipping rates remain the best value for businesses shipping lighter-weight packages in bulk. Use the shipping calculator, at checkout, to predetermine shipping charges and profit more!
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How are out of stock conditions handled?

Our website inventory is updated daily. The actual quantity in stock may vary slightly between the times of these updates. If you order an item please be aware there is a very small chance we may not be able to fill that order. Through our online Retailer Notification System an order availability notification is sent in real-time. We will provide you with an expected arrival date (if one is available).

We do not take back-orders. If an item is out of stock, you will need to re-order the item when it comes back in. If your customer has ordered an item from your website that is out of stock, you should contact them immediately and issue a full credit or refund.

Please note that we work hard to maintain a 95% in-stock rating (one of the highest in the industry). We'd love to be 100% in stock at all times, but things beyond our control prevent this, such as manufacturer delays, on-board damage during shipping to the warehouse, weather conditions which delay shipping, etc. We realize it is an inconvenience to you and your customers when an item is out of stock, and we are striving to keep our warehouses as stocked as humanly possible. To minimize the likelihood of out of stock conditions we recommend that our drop shippers update their inventory often.
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How do I locate my customer's favorites?

Enter search terms and phrases in the Search Bar. All search input is by default AND-ed together. So searching for "body lotion" will return products that contain both "body" and "lotion". Searching for "body OR lotion" will return products that contain at least one occurrence of "body" or "lotion". Searching for body -lotion will return products that contain "body" but not "lotion". Product titles and descriptions are searched.
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I am concerned about selling low quality or knockoff products. What is the quality of your products and where do they come from?

All fragrances sold and shipped by Elaine's Fragrances are from trusted brand name manufacturers. Each is new, fresh and factory sealed. We recommend placing a drop ship test order and sample our product quality and blind drop shipment process. Take the UPC code from any product and enter it into a lookup service such as http://www.upcitemdb.com. You should receive an image of the product, brand, model number, size and color. You may also receive the Amazon ASIN number for listing on the marketplace.
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Are the products backed up by a manufacturer's warranty?

Yes. All the products sold and shipped by Elaine's Fragrances come with the manufacturers’ full U.S. warranty.
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Do I need to have previous retail/business experience?

A lot of people who set up an online store powered by drop shipping are often laboring under the delusion that drop shipping is a "get-rich quick" scheme. While you can certainly make good money with this model, it requires just as much work as if you owned your own inventory.

If you don't have any previous drop shipping experience, and this is your first thrust into the e-commerce world, make certain that you have a concrete and well-prepared business plan. Find articles and information to help you start and grow your own e-commerce business.
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Do you recommend that I focus on all products you carry or a niche?

Every successful drop shipping store we encounter has one thing in common: It specializes. The more the store specializes, the more successful they tend to be. 

Many think narrowing their focus limits their potential customer base and will cost them sales. Just the opposite is true! Specializing allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers, stand out more easily from the competition and compete against a smaller field. Specializing is rarely a bad move to make in a drop shipping venture.

If you're launching a store in a new niche you probably won't know what segment of your customers to focus on – and that's OK. But as you gain experience with your customers you should identify the segment that's the most profitable and that allows you to add the most value. Then, try to position your business to focus exclusively on those customers' needs and problems. You'll be amazed at how your conversion rates improve even if you're charging a premium price.

Remember: If everyone is your customer, then no one is. Specialization makes it easier to differentiate yourself, charge a premium price and concentrate your marketing efforts more effectively.
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What are your very best sellers?

Testers and Unboxed fragrances. Each is 100% authentic, fresh and completely full just like the original fragrance. They often arrive sometimes without the cap or a box. These products are even more discounted than the fancy boxed versions. The savings on the packaging means you can profit even more!

Marketing hint: Would you be willing to give up the box and fancy packaging in order to get the best price on your favorite perfume or cologne? We're thinking, yes. The good news is that we buy original perfumes and colognes directly from the manufacturer, with the entire original quantity in the container and without the fancy packaging, and often without decorative caps, allowing us a much lower price. We pass the savings directly onto our customers. The fancy packaging not only costs you more, but often gets thrown away. It's a waste of money, energy and materials. So now you can feel good about helping the environment. If you just don't not need the fancy box, why not get the same high quality at an even deeper discount? If purchasing for a gift, think creatively - you can make your own gift box for the bottle and let the recipient know that you have saved some energy and materials by not getting all the fancy packaging. They sure will appreciate your efforts to contribute to a healthier planet. So go ahead and splurge - buy some for giving and some for keeping and save big! 
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What is a "first level" distributor?

For example, for 1 to 100 item orders, we offer drop shippers an initial discount price. Then there is a deeper discount price level for 101 to 500 item orders followed by a deeper discount price levels for higher quantity levels, etc. When placing single item and small quantity orders for your home business, you receive our "first level" discount price. Fulfilling single item and small home business orders is 90% of our business. 
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Do you provide product shipping price charts?

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Do you have MAP pricing?

Products are not subject to Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) pricing.
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How do I collect payment for my drop ship sales orders?

If you are selling our products using face-to-face marketing, such as home parties and street fairs, then you would collect payment upfront from your customer. If you’re selling online, your customer payment is collected during checkout with payment capture methods provided by your online shopping cart company.
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How are my drop ship sales orders fulfilled?

There's no need to pre-purchase or store any product inventory - we do that for you! We drop ship your orders directly to your customers at no additional cost. When we drop ship for you, the packing slip carries your business name. Our business name "Elaine's Fragrances" or the price you pay us does not appear anywhere on the order internal packing slip. This is called “blind drop shipping”. The address that appears on the packing slip is the return address to be used bu your customer for authorized returns.
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How quickly are my drop ship sales orders fulfilled?

Please refer to our Shipping Information for more information.
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How do I make a profit?

For example, if you sell 10 top brand name women's perfume products on your website or at a home party for 50% off the MSRP at $10 each. You’ll collect $100 in payment plus, for example, $5 total for shipping the 10 items. Remember the pricing and shipping charge choices are yours.

You’ll place a drop ship order with Elaine's Fragrances. Pay the discounted website price of $2.50 each for the 10 items or $25 total plus, for example, $5 standard ground shipping.

We protectively package and ship the order to your happy customer under your business name.

You keep $75 in profits ($105 in customer payments including shipping - $30 Elaine's Fragrances charges including shipping = $75 your profit). You get one happy customer who turns right around and orders more from you!
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How do we help grow your online store’s sales and profits?

By providing what other drop ship distributors won’t. Elaine's Fragrances believes that your online success depends on more than having a distributor that only provides products. We offer a broad range of e-commerce website services to support you in all aspects of selling products online. We eliminate those costly drop ship fees that other drop shipping companies charge that eat into your profits. After all, a drop ship supplier shouldn’t be charging extra to drop ship…don’t you think? That’s like going to Walmart and having to pay an extra fee to go through the cashier line. That’s insane and so is a drop ship fee.
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How long does it take to start my business?

How long it takes for you to start selling depends upon you and how you choose to sell your products. Home parties, school fundraisers, and sub-wholesaling to local retailers are some of the faster methods of selling because of the face-to-face interaction, but they also require the most work. Online methods of selling are usually easy to set up but often take longer to get sales because you first need to build your online marketing, advertising, branding, reputation, and compete with other online sellers and third-party competitors.
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How much money can I earn?

This will depend primarily upon the time you’ve dedicated to your home based business and the marketing methods you choose. Elaine's Fragrances resellers can anticipate a profit potential of up to 70% off the manufacturer suggested retail price. Recommended markup is between 15% - 40%.
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Can I use images of your products on my site?

Yes. You have copyright release to copy our images and descriptions and post them online for the sole purpose of marketing and selling our products. You are welcome to build your own website using our images and descriptions. You can also use our images and descriptions to create your own brochures, catalogs and marketing materials, or to market or advertise the products. These are the only allowed uses of our images (for example, you may not use our images to build websites which you then resell). To ensure 100% reliability, we recommend you download images and host them on your own servers. DO NOT LINK direct to the images on www.elainesfragrances.net. If you have any questions about image use please contact us.
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Do you blind drop ship?

Absolutely. Single-item order drop shipping is 98% of our business. Your customer will receive a internal packing slip with no mention of Elaine's Fragrances or the discount price you paid. 
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Do you include an invoice in the package or other paperwork?

Nope. All drop ship orders ship only with an internal packing slip displaying your company name and a return address.
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What’s the minimum order for drop shipping?

$0. Elaine's Fragrances offers dropshipping services to all our resellers at no extra charge.
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Can I place volume orders?

Yes, absolutely! Learn more about our Volume Sales program.
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Do you refund my eBay and PayPal fees when a customer returns an item?

Unfortunately, we do not. All fees you incur outside of Elaine's Fragrances are your responsibility.
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Do you provide a shipping confirmation for drop ship sales orders?

Please refer to our Shipping Information.
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Do you offer integration tools to help me list my products on eBay or Amazon?

Not at this time.
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I’m not tech savvy. Can you customize a data feed for Amazon or another marketplace website?

Not at this time.
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Net Terms

Elaine's Fragrances offers lines of credit to its valued customers. To be considered for a line of credit, customer's must provide at least two bank references, three trade references, and been in business for at least two years. Please send requests to elaine@elainesfragrances.com.
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E-Check policy

Elaine's Fragrances only accepts e-check payments from its Net Term credit account holders.
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Late Fees

Elaine's Fragrances will assess a 15% late fee on all open invoices with a past due date of 5 days or more.
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Chargebacks and Disputes

If you receive a chargeback from your buyer, the charge back is solely your responsibility and not that of Elaine's Fragrances. Please note, a charge back against Elaine's Fragrances may result in account termination.
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Do you charge to customize data feeds?

Generally speaking, there will be a fee to create a custom data feed. But first we will need to review your requirements.
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Do you offer marketing assistance?

As your discount drop ship distributor, one of our primary functions is to help you sell our products. One way we do this is by providing you free access to our drop ship blog. If you would like one on one training with one of our expert e-commerce consultants, coaching services are available. Please contact us for more information.
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Do I need to buy prior to selling?

No. You only pay for a product after you have sold it.
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Do I pay sales tax?

See Ordering Information.
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What percentage of sales do you retain?

Elaine's Fragrances does not collect any fees or commissions on your sales. You keep all the money you collect from your customer.
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How responsive is your service team?

Elaine's Fragrances is committed to doing its part to protect your feedback ratings and reputation. We make every effort to respond to customer requests efficiently and effectively.
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How are returns handled?

See Return Information.
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How much discount is there from the retail price?

There is no specific percentage. The discounts you receive will vary depending on the product.
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How much is charged for shipping?

See Shipping Information.
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Is my information secure?

Absolutely. Here at Elaine's Fragrances we place the highest importance on your privacy. You can be confident that personal and business information you entrust to us—such as your email address—is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. This means we will not sell, publish or share data that identifies you without your explicit permission—it's our commitment to you.
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Can I do business with you if located outside the United States?

Yes. Please ensure that you read fully our Terms of Use.
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What is the security guarantee?

At www.elainesfragrances.net, our goal is to make your shopping experience safe, convenient and worry-free. Our privacy and security programs make sure that every transaction made at www.elainesfragrances.net is 100% safe and guaranteed. All of your personal information is protected by our Secure Server Software (SSL) which fully encrypts and protects all of your personal data (name, address, credit card number) so that it can not be read by anyone over the internet.
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Is drop shipping worth it?

Drop shipping isn't a perfect, stress-free way to build a successful e-commerce business. The model has some definite advantages but comes with a number of built-in complexities and problems you'll need to be able to address. The good news is that with some careful planning and consideration, most of these problems can be resolved and need not prevent you from building a thriving, profitable drop shipping business.
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www.elainesfragrances.net is a retail distributor of consumer products. Please note that we are not a manufacturer or wholesaler of any of the products offered for sale. We will ship orders on your behalf. Before deploying product listings to your e-commerce store, we strongly recommend that a thorough merchandising and marketing plan with sales goals, inventory goals and a cash flow plan be developed for the business.
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