Ways to Make Money

How Much Money Can You Make?

Whether it's the family looking to make ends meet, the retiree hoping to cushion their nest egg, or the careerist launching a full-time online business we offer a huge inventory of new, fresh, 100% authentic, completely full and factory sealed perfume and cologne products for re-sale.

Success comes with passion! Earn additional income marketing and re-selling merchandise that you're passionate about. Our products come with a potential markup to three times the rock-bottom website price. Sell what you love and profit in the process!

Working with us, you can launch your own low-cost, low-risk home based drop ship or wholesale supply business on a part-time or full-time basis. Elaines Fragrances retailers are self starters and enjoy selling face to face as well as online. Our products are exclusive, high quality and competitively priced. If you've got what it takes, then start today!

Ways to Make Money

Dropship Sales with Elaines Fragrances

If you’re looking to sell on your very own eCommerce website, Elaines Fragrances is the perfect drop ship distributor for your online business. Pay no drop ship fees, and get some of the lowest prices anywhere online. Elaines Fragrances provides the most reliable and efficient drop shipping option available to increase your online business sales and bottom line.

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Conventional Sales with Elaines Fragrances

Earn extra income while contributing to a great cause.
Learn more about our Volume Sales program.

Support a Local Fundraiser 

Earn extra income while contributing to a great cause. With Elaines Fragrances as your trusted supplier, you have the opportunity to help local schools, churches, youth groups, and sports teams raise much needed funds.

Work with a local boutique or gift shop.

Sell Business Direct

Working with a local boutique or gift shop is an easy way to get your Elaines Fragrances products in front of consumers quickly. Choose any local retail space where the product offering complements yours, and watch as their clientele snap up your popular products. You can always return to Elaines Fragrances for fresh supplies!

Make your work a party!

Host a Weekend Get-Together

Turn work into a delightful experience! Meet new people and have fun with friends and family, all while earning extra income. Host a fun happy hour gathering or a weekend get-together. We'll be here to supply your product needs at the lowest price points online.

Showcase your products at farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets, or any type of street fair.

Showcase at Street Fairs

Showcase your Elaines Fragrances products at farmers markets, flea markets, swap meets, or any type of street fair. Indeed, a truly enjoyable way to launch your own home based business. Have fun with the entire family on a full or part time basis.

Showcase your products and sell them directly to the consumer through eye-catching mailings.

Direct Mail Marketing 

Market your Elaines Fragrances products direct to consumers through eye-catching mailings. Using top brand name product image and descriptions, from the Elaines Fragrances website or product data-feed, you create truly effective email marketing campaigns that satisfy your business goals.

At Elaines Fragrances, our goal is to set you up for success. We empower you with top brand name products and support your need to build a home-based business that suits your lifestyle. Fulfilling single item and small quantity orders is 98% of what we do. You set your schedule. Allocate as much or as little time as you need to realize the success you envision.

We strive to be an effective and efficient component in your retailing supply chain strategy. Our primary focus adds value to the experience of your hard-earned customer and builds trust in our ongoing business partnership.

Thank you for considering Elaines Fragrances as your business partner. We look forward to serving you soon! 


We'd like you to meet a few retailers who have made selling with Elaines Fragrances work for them...

As an e-commerce website retailer, I find Elaines Fragrances to be one of the very best drop shipper I have ever worked with. They are on the ball sending out orders in an immediate fashion. I appreciate their ability to add products to my site from their inventory. Works every time. I have no complaints whatsoever. -Brenda

I have a store that's open six days a week, and when I'm not building my store clientele, I'm trying to build up my mail-order listings. I add products continuously and take advantage of almost every sale that Elaines Fragrances offers. I set a goal for myself to do something different for my business every single day, whether it's sending out flyers, letters, and catalogs or looking for new organizations to target with a great fundraising opportunity. -Sally

A few years back I found myself suddenly alone, left to raise my only son. I didn't know what to do or how I was going to do it. I had been a claims adjuster for several years but that required a ton of field work. I began to realize it quickly that for a child to fare well - he would need to have a stay-at-home mother. How were we going to make it? So I looked into home businesses and almost immediately I was scammed. The blessing for me however, came one day when I ran across a distributor called Elaines Fragrances. I kid you not - they literally saved the day. They have given me constant attention and care on what to do and how to do it next. I did not think these kind of people existed out there in the business world." -Pat

I use Elaines Fragrances merchandise exclusively in my fundraising efforts for the church. The quality is superb, and the price is so good we can offer a discount and still capture substantial revenue. The ability to discount gives members of our congregation a way to buy nice things at a very affordable price, while contributing to their place of worship. -Teresa

"I have been a customer of Elaines Fragrances for the past 5 years, and I want to mention that it's been a great experience thus far. Elaines Fragrances has helped me understand and achieve success owning my own drop shipping business by bringing a wide variety of products for all likes and budgets. Keep up the excellent work Elaines Fragrances!!" - Arlene

Sell your Elaines Fragrance products to boutiques and gift shops nationwide. I sell fragrance items their clients would be interested in. I was in the industry for 25 years. I know what they want! - Keith

"I joined Elaines Fragrances a few years ago, since then my eBay business is getting better and better all the time. They are very helpful and honest with me. I look forward to a very long relationship with them." - Jeffrey

The thing I like best about Elaines Fragrances products is the profit. It gives me the flexibility to give discounts and when I do home parties I offer a 50% off discount, which always generates sales. - Gladys

"Elaines Fragrances allows me to fill many gaps in my product lines with their diverse range of drop shipping products. And their high in stock rate helps me so my customers don't get disappointed by ordering something no longer available. I was thrilled to find them as a drop shipping supplier!" - Owen

"I've been using Elaines Fragrances for several years. I originally listed their drop shipping products on eBay because it was easy and the return on investment made it worthwhile. Currently, I run my own website and stock it with drop ship products from Elaines Fragrances. Although I occasionally use other drop shippers their drop ship services and professionalism has consistently exceeded my expectation. Their drop ship products are top quality and well priced for competitive marketing." - Dan

"New to drop shipping but not to eBay. Decided to try out Elaines Fragrances based on their BBB endorsement. Elaines Fragranceshas exceeded our expectations in every respect, from drop ship product selection to customer service. Had over 20 items listed with their extra large images. Sold many of them in less than a week. I highly recommend Elaines Fragrances to drop ship entrepreneurs worldwide. Simply put, "they deliver"!" - Cody